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Mistress Cruella
The Asian Sissy, Foot Worship and strap-on Mistress in Middle east and Europe. Turning Men Into Sluts, Perverts and Slaves. As much as my profession is about my entertainment and pleasure, I am looking for men who can crawl before me on a daily basis literally do anything I ask and they can perform like sluts, slaves, sissies or whatever else my dirty mind can think of at any given moment. I may not Showing My Face for the reason that I have others to protect too and thus as a mistress I want you to fully trust me and give your self freely to me showing who you are and what exactly do you want in the sesssion. I only session with those that interest me….and trust me, I turn away more sessions than I actually am able to schedule so pay attention slut! First, I have a Men who already can give me pleasure sexually which means I will never have any interest in you sexually and I only take sessions with those who are sincere and genuine in their submissive desires and nothing is worse than a sloppy or poorly dressed man showing up to serve me. Second, Dont think that I would be open to renegotiating my tribute. I am a successful woman with a world of opportunities available to me and if I reserve time in my day for you then I expect you to be respectful of that time. I have a day job in a corporate World so the time I spend with you is just a small fraction of the time necessary to provide you the ultimate kink experience. Third, The individuals who serve me are largely successful executives who are highly intelligent and that appeals to me from a dominant's standpoint as I really enjoy getting into their head and reprogramming them into whatever my perverted desires are at that moment. So i hope i can Help you discover what you been missing in your life and I look forward to you serving me soon.