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EroMassagen4u - Erotic Healing
EroMassagen4u, your personal bi male provider in 6 erotic services for all adult gender and sex; tall 192cm height, with variable 80-82 kg weight and a nice dig swing with 3-5x18cm for pleasure control; with a wide range of service, empathic feelings to nude body-2-body and deep intimate contact any kinds on wish. erotic healing (its an experience of touching body, mind and soul - for erotic starter) erotic massages (enjoy only nude body contact or erotic massages with optional a/p bi sex service - for deep feelings) erotic services (pure oral, anal and a/p intimate bi sex services - for people who exactly know what they want) erotic cooking (nude cooking and eating together with erotic massage and optional a/p bi sex service at last - for special gourmets) erotic model (full nude model, sc/hc model, gangbang model, body part model and 'nude + sex' buddy model - for the special taste or selling) nonerotic event escort (The onliest nonnude service in white cloth or dark grey pinestripe - for casual use) Come and join relaxing, exhausting or hot time on 24 hours, 7 days a week in the Netherlands and let me entertain you, in an individual time together. Get your own EroMassagen4u! Steven Bookings by email should be done through my site.