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We make an effort to review as many links as possible, but we cannot always accept every link. When submitting, please provide an accurate and grammatically correct title and description for your link. The title and description should reflect the content that a user would find on your site. Your site should not display popups, or attempt to install any software on the user\'s computer. Your site should be complete with all links working, and with a generous amount of content. If your site is new, please consider making sure it is both complete and worthwhile to a potential user before submitting to the directory. Finally, sites containing content that is not legal in all parts of the World, or is not legally viewed by children may not be accepted. Thanks for doing your part to submit a quality site that users of this directory will love, as this will be good for your site, and our directory. Thanks so much for your quality link!


  • Submit sites only once.

  • We reserve the right to edit or modify any names or descriptions in any way we deem necessary.

  • If you have problems with the submission form email us the details at

  • Sites which infringe copyrights or trademarks will be removed. Paid listings which use stolen images will be removed without refund.

  • All sites are manually approved and only relevant sites will be accepted.

  • If your site is unavailable or you supply incorrect information we will let you know via email and ask you to re-submit at no additional cost.

  • If your site gets listed and, in the future, becomes unavailable or drastically changes content making it unfit or unrelated the link will be deleted from our directory.

  • Changes to a description, URL or other detail for a site already listed should be requested by Email. Start with Name, Title, Location, URL - followed by the changes to be made. You may also delete your listing in the same way.

  • If your site requires membership you must provide a user id and password for us to review it's content.


Payment Options: Currently we accept payments only via Bank Wire and Western Union. When the payment clears, we will activate your ads. For your convenience, if you chose the subscription option at purchase, your subscription will automatically be renewed until you choose to cancel your membership.

Refunds: Other than technical issues on our end, all sales are final once the banner goes up.

Renewals: When you place your initial order you can specify either a one month or an ongoing monthly renewal. Note that if you do not choose the renewal option you will have to resubmit your link if you wish to continue on our website. At present we offer monthly rates only.

Rate Changes: Receipt of your payment locks in the current advertising rates. However, we reserve the right to modify our advertising rates at any time.
If you have any questions, email us:


Banner Approval: All banners must be approved by staff prior to being put into rotation. We reserve the right to refuse any banner that we don't like.

Obnoxious Graphics: Banners with rapid strobe-like animation or just obnoxious graphics (as we determine) are not allowed. Banners like this do not generate a greater response, but they do negatively impact the site and the value of other advertising on it. This is a matter of interpretation which the AdultGaGa staff will evaluate on a case by case basis.

Flash: Flash ad banners are acceptable subject to staff review.

Popup Advertising: We do not offer, nor will we ever offer, pop-up or pop-under window ads.

Banner Removal: Changing the banner to be displayed without approval from the AdultGaGa staff will result in your banner being pulled from rotation. Money will not be refunded for a violation of this policy.

Banner Sizes: Images must adhere to either the sizes stated for each banner or be specifically approved by AdultGaGa staff..

Banner Exchange: We do not offer "cross advertising". Example: You host a banner for us, we'll host one for you. All banner slots are paid for, never traded.

Opting-in: By submitting your site to our directory you agree to receive occassional promotional email communications from us and our affiliates.

Opting-out: To opt out of email communication please send us an email with "UNSUBSCRIBE" or "OPT OUT" as the subject line. You may also opt-out by following the instructions at the bottom of our promotional emails.

For all adult advertising related inquiries or question please email us at

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The AdultGaGa Staff